2020-09-26 ( customizations)
• Implemented advanced+ job bonuses.

2020-07-24 ( customizations)
• Advanced+ have +10 maximum job lvl.

2020-06-09 ( customizations)
• Added implementation of Heroic items (Bios).
• Removed irrelevant Bradium accessories.

2020-06-06 ( customizations)
• Added Airship combo.
• Added Tarlock combo.
• Added Heroic items (Bios) without implementation of script.
• • Note: Heroic Trade-Mail can't be equipped by swordman class.
• • Note: Heroic Target Suit can be equipped by gunslinger (untick Equip Job Restrictions for that)

2020-06-01 ( customizations)
• Disabled Hidden Headgear Enchantment.
• Added Temporal Boots and Gigant Snake Skin.
• Added an option to enchant Temporal Boots.

2020-05-23 ( customizations)
• Advanced has +30% HP/SP (as opposed to original +25%).
• Advanced+ implementation.

• Fixed a bug when receiving damage of an element the player resists by 100%.

• Fixed a crash when Gunslinger job was selected.

• Fixed "+% Size Resistance" in "Manual Edits on Enemy".
• Fixed "+% ATK based damage on any target" in "Manual Edits on Enemy".
• Fixed "+% MATK based damage on any target" in "Manual Edits on Enemy".
• Fixed "Player's Dodge Ratio" in "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR" when an enemy attacks with magic.
• Fixed critical damage calculation when attacking with 2 weapons.
• Added "+% Additional Reflect (Equip/Card)" in "Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player".

• Fixed "Other Info: Weigh Limit".
• Improved the way calculated damage is shown in "Combat results" when equipping 2 weapons.
• Improved the way calculated reflected damage is shown in "Combat results"
• The number of enemies attacking the player won't reduce DEF obtained by Steel Body.
• The number of enemies attacking the player won't reduce DEF over 99, it will reduce DEF from 99 instead.
• Added a maximum of 99 to MDEF (pre-renewal servers).
• Added "Critical Shield" in "Stats".
• Added "Type" (Normal o Boss) in enemy's info.

• Enemy's magic skills will do 0 damage when equipping "Golden Thief Bug Card".
• Fixed "Pitman Card": now increases "Heaven's Drive" when casted by a Rogue or Stalker.
• Fixed an error when processing Earthquake's damage.
• Added "Turn Undead" and "Resurrection" to attack skills list when "All Damage Skills" is selected.
• Added "Dark Blessing" to monster's attack skills when available by selected monster.

• "Equip Level Restrictions" now restricts equipable weapons.
• Fixed a problem causing "Average Damage Received (w/dodge)" to have negative values when a character has a lot of Flee and Perfect Dodge.
• Fixed negative stats behaviour in private servers:
 --- Can be less than 0: DEF, MDEF.
 --- Cannot be less than 0: STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, LUK, ATK bonus (not provided by STR or weapon).
 --- Cannot be less than 1: HIT, FLEE.

• Major performance improvement (-55% required time to calculate in most cases)..
• Fused "Weapon Type:" and "Weapon:" into a sole droplist including all equipable weapons in  Equipment & Cards .
• Fixed "Monster Exclusive Debuffs" in  Debuffs on Enemy .
• Fixed items: Diabolus Armor, Academy Freshman Hat_.
• Fixed "Heaven's Drive" skill on Stalkers: now skill's level can be selected.

• Fixed monster's [Spiral Pierce] skill damage.
• Added "+% race/element/size resistance" in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .
• Added "+% Long-range ATK and MATK based damage resistance" in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .
• Added "+% DEF ignoring on any target" in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .
• Added "+% MDEF ignoring on any target" in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .

• Added +% Long range damage in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .
• Added +% Critical damage in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .
• Fixed items: Red Pirate Bandana.
• Added items: Big Crossbow (aRO), Bloody Cross (aRO), Recovery Light (aRO), Chilly Spell Book (aRO), Gigantic Lance (aRO), Cannon Spear (aRO), Guillotine Katar (aRO), Agent Katar (aRO), Giant Shield (aRO), Salvage Cape (aRO), Ancient Gold Ornament (aRO), Donut In Mouth, Black Tail Ribbon, TM, Refresh Shoes, Valley Shoes, Spiritual Tunic, Drooping Morroc Minion, Drooping Morroc Minion (old).

• Fixed items: Bible Promise Vol2 (aRO), Radio Antenna (aRO).
• Added items: Aztoe Nail (aRO), Scarletto Nail (aRO), Ygnus Stale (aRO), End Sektura (aRO), Green Operating Gown (aRO), Assassin Handcuffs, Geffenia Water Book (aRO).

• Fixed items: Glorious Destruction Staff, Glorious Arc Wand, Glorious Cure Wand, Witch Pumpkin Hat (all versions).
• Added items: Glorious Destruction Staff (old), Glorious Arc Wand (old), Glorious Cure Wand (old), Staff Of Light.

• "Provoke", "Frozen", and "Stone" from  Debuffs on Enemy  will be disabled when a Boss type or Undead element enemy is selected.
• "Blessing" and "Signum Crucis" from  Debuffs on Enemy  will only be enabled when a Undead element or Demon race enemy is selected.
• Added input to enter custom weapon/shield weight when selecting the following player attack skills: Shield Boomerang, Shield Boomerang (soul linked), Spiral Pierce.
• Added headgear: Benevolent Guardian.
• Fixed equipment that increased healing skills effectiveness.

• Fixed items: Afro wig, Chinese Crown, Wandering Wolf Hat, Tiger Arhat Mask, Telekinetic Orb.
• Renamed items:
        Tiara Samambaia --> Samambaia
        Earpad Hat --> Chullos / Shafka
        RO 5th Wedding Anniversary --> Chinese Wedding Veil
        Fox Mask --> Kitsune Mask
        White Fox Mask --> Fox Hat J
        Pumpkin Hat --> Pumpkin-Head
        Pumpkin Hat 2007 --> Fantastic Pumpkin-Head
        Pumpkin Hat 2008 --> Festival Pumpkin Hat
        Reindeer Nose --> Rudolph's Nose
• Added items: Orc Hero Helm [1], Luxurious Wedding Veil [1], Refined Helmet of Orc Hero, Skull Hood, Fox Hat, Odin Mask_.
• Deleted some repeated headgears.
• Added ocuped slots to a lot of headgears (you may activate it using "Equip Slot Restrictions" checkbox).

• Renamed "Brave Assault Katzbalger" to "Valorous Assault Katzbalger".
• Renamed "Valorous Assault Katzbalger" to "Brave Assault Katzbalger".

• Fixed "EDP creation" formula in  Other Info .
• Fixed "Potion creation" formula in  Other Info .

• Fixed Guarana Candy buff: now gives ASPD+10% and AGI Lv 5.
• Added items: Bubble Gum In Mouth (aRO), 4 Leaf Clover In Mouth (aRO), 4 Leaf Clover In Mouth (old).

• Added items: Bradium Ring (iRO), Bradium Earring (iRO), Bradium Earring (old), Bradium Brooch (iRO), Bradium Brooch (old).

• "Save as URL" button now saves data from  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player  and  Manual Edits on Enemy .
• "Full Save" and "Save as URL" now save: Enemy Attack Range, Enemy Attack Element, Calc's theme, RO server, All Damage Skills, Equip Job Restrictions, Equip Level Restrictions, Equip Slot Restrictions, and Equip Card Slot Restrictions
• "Full Save" and "Save as URL" now save the number of meteors from "Meteor Storm" that hit the player.
• Added "Enemy Attack Element" in  MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR , allowing to change attack element regardless of anything else.
• Fixed some items from  Food / Speed Potions / other Items  field which were not showing "Active" when loading an URL.
• Fixed "Full Load", now resets values before loading data from an empty Full Save slot.
• Fixed "Full Load" when an empty slot is selected.
• Fixed  Item Data  field when loading an URL, it will show the correct equipped weapon info.
• Fixed "Random Attack".

• Added character's "Mov. Speed" in  Stats ( Remaining Status Points: ? )  field.
• Added "Perfect HIT" in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .
• Fixed a bug in  Manual Edits on Enemy .

• Fixed a bug when opening  Miscellaneous Effects on Player  field.
• Fixed WoE / BG damage ("Environment: WoE / BG"), now reduces skill damage properly.
• Added item "Diabolus Ring [1] (iRO)".
• Added "All Damage Skills" option, allowing to use all damage skills on any character.

• Changed  Stats ( Remaining Status Points: ? )  and added following info: race, size, body element, and Perfect HIT.
• Improved web loading.
• Fixed MATK +(fixed value) from  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player .
• Fixed MATK +% to increase MATK +(fixed bonus) as well.
• Fixed ATK +5% from item "Rune Strawberry Cake" to increase Weapon's ATK as well.

• Added 1 ATK arrows (status ailments).
• Added "Two-Handed Staff" property to Mora staffs.
• Changed tab order from  Equipment & Cards : now weapon settings go before any other equipment settings.
• Character won't be de-equiped when modifying "Base Lv" while "Equip Level Restrictions" is unchecked.
• Fixed "Equip Slot Restrictions".

• Changed ASPD formula.
• Added equip restrictions options: "Equip Job Restrictions", "Equip Level Restrictions", "Equip Slot Restrictions", and "Equip Card Slot Restrictions".
• Added "Attack Element" and "Enemy Attack Element" information in  MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR .

• Fixed Frozen, Stone Curse, Undead Attribute Change, and Holy Armor [B.S.S.]. Now they modify elemental damage taken from enemies.

• Added attack skills to all monsters.

• Added "RO server" at the top of the calc, allowing to simulate special server behaviour (Ghostring Card, ShieldBoom+Icepick, etc).
• Fixed "Shield Chain" damage on private servers (damage divergence should be lower than 100 damage points per hit).
• Added self-Provoke effect to "Shield Boomerang" damage on private servers.

• Fixed Ruber" (now Whitesmith and Creators will be able to equip it).
• Deleted "Roubel" (it was exactly the same as "Ruber", but with another name).
• Fixed "Chrome Metal Sword" (it was in "Two-Handed Swords" list, instead of "Swords" list).

• Changed "Alchemy Glove" auto-cast.

• Fixed Perfect Dodge (it was increasing "Player's Dodge Ratio" against enemy skills, instead of just basic attacks).
• Fixed "Load URL from another calc" (it wasn't loading data from shown fields).
• Fixed "Load URL from another calc" (it wasn't showing [Active] fields).
• Fixed "Full Load" (it wasn't loading data from  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player  field when it was being shown).
• Fixed "Full Load" (it wasn't loading data from  Manual Edits on Enemy  field when it was being shown).
• Fixed "Full Load" (calc crashed when loading twice data from  Music and Dance Skills  field when it was being shown).
• Fixed  Item Data  field when loading data from "Full Load" (it was showing data from the incorrect item).
• Performance improvement to "Full Load".

• Added "Capture Pet Success Rate" in  Other Info .
• Added "NPC Refinement Cost & Success Rate" in  Other Info .
• Added "NPC Socket Enchant Cost & Success Rate" in  Other Info .
• Added Stat+20 foods in  Food / Speed Potions / other Items .
• Added "Tyr's Blessing" in  Food / Speed Potions / other Items .
• Added automatic calculation when modifying player's skill level in "Player Attack Skills" (before it required to push "Calculate" button).
• Added automatic calculation when typing a value in text fields from  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player  and  Manual Edits on Enemy  (before it required to select another element after typing).
• Added "Enemy Attack Range" in  MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR , allowing to ignore enemy basic attack range and enemy skill attack range.
• Fixed enemy attack skill "Dark Breath".
• Fixed enemy attack skill "Suicide Bombing / Self-Destruction".
• Fixed a visual issue when changing enemies related to multiple hit enemy attack skills.
• Fixed  Manual Edits on Enemy  in  MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR  (except text with a line-through).

2015-03-11 and before
• Added PvP: select enemy "[Custom Player]" and modify it's stats using  Manual Edits on Enemy  field.
• Added "Enemy Attack Skills" to all monsters in  MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR .
• Added color themes.
• "Full Save" now saves everything in the calc.
• "Save as URL" now saves almost everything in the calc.
• Use the "Load URL from another calc" button to load your characters from other calcs.
• Added  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player " under  Item Data  in  CHARACTER SIMULATOR  (enables Mora, Feral, and other enchants).
• Added "Headgear Hidden Slot Enchant" in  Equipment & Cards .
• Added "+% MATK based Damage Modifiers" in  Other Info .
• Added "Long-range" and "Critical damage" in "+% ATK based Damage Modifiers" in  Other Info .
• Fixed elemental bows: when equipping Neutral element arrows and an elemental bow, damage will have bow's element instead of Neutral.
• Visual improvements and fixes
• Rearranged buffs/items/effects
• Added buffs/items/effects/pets
• Added a huge amount of equipments and cards.
• Fixed lots of equipment and cards.
• Added aRO's Revalorize System.
• Added aRO's custom versions of Renewal mob.