On GW:RO you only need 180 ASPD in order to reach 0.2 skill delay. Also, some skills have higher minimal delay (notably dispel, devotion or tarot card. All skills with changed delay can be found here). GWRO players do not have access to KVM equipment (Glorious stuff) and other weapons are refined only to safe refine. PVE builds won't be probably listed here.

[Lord Knight - VIT BB LK, reduction (SE/DMG)]

[Lord Knight - VIT BB LK, damage (SE/DMG)]

[Lord Knight - noVIT BB LK, damage (SE/DMG)]

[Lord Knight - noVIT BB LK, reduction (SE/DMG)]

[Paladin - Devo Paladin (PVP/SUP)]

[High Wizard - DD Wizard (PVP/DMG)]

[High Wizard - GBT Wizard (SE/SUP)]

[Professor - DLP Professor (PVP/SUP)]

[Professor - OLP Professor (PVP/SUP)]

[Sniper - FA Snip (SE/DMG)]

[Clown - Support Clown (PVP/SUP)]

[Gypsy - Tarot Gypsy (PVP/DMG)]

[High Priest - FS Priest (PVP/SUP)]

[Champion - Basic Champ (PVP/DMG)]

[Creator - DD Creator (PVP/DMG)]

[Creator - SPP Creator (PVP/SUP)]

[Assassin Cross - VIT SinX, reductions (PVP/DMG)]

[Assassin Cross - VIT SinX, damage (PVP/DMG)]

[Assassin Cross - MATK SinX (SE/DMG)]

[Stalker - MATK Stalker (PVP/DMG)]

[Soul Linker - noVIT Linker (SE/SUP)]

[Soul Linker - VIT Linker (PVP/SUP)]

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